Offroad Videos

Moab 2021


I started with Courthouse Rock trail. From there to Hidden Canyon Overlook trail, then on to Bartlett Overlook trail. Bartlett Overlook had some of the most challenging climbs I had done to date! It's hard to see how steep it really is in the two-dimentional video. Worse yet - after planning my route up the longest steepest rock climb, I forgot to turn the video camera back on!

My video camera ended up cocked about 8° off level and pointed to the left, causing the video to appear tilted to the right and pointing to the left. You get used to it pretty quickly. Also, my stereo was playing most of the time I was driving, so the music is playing in the segments of the video. If you don't want the music, you can easily turn down the volume.
Highlights from Courthouse Rock and Bartlett Overlook trails 08:04

Part of Courthouse Rock trail is a drive through Tusher Wash. I recorded most of the drive through there, and created that portion as a separate video. The same information applies (tilted camera, music).
Tusher Wash, part of Courthouse Rock trail 03:36

While driving Courthouse Rock trail, I lost track of where exactly the trail was. Easy to do on the rock. In this video I realized I was no longer on the trail and went looking for it.
Where's the trail? 04:16


I drove the Fins and Things trail twice.
The first time was with a couple that I met in the campground. They drove a yellow Wrangler TJU. We drove the entire south loop, and the north loop up to the second shortcut out where they needed to leave.
The second time I went alone and drove both loops in their entirety.

I have two videos posted for that day. The first is highlights from the south loop trail, presented at 400% normal speed. The second is highlights from the south loop trail presented at normal speed. To keep the video at a reasonable length, the normal speed video contains less footage than the 400% version.

This one has no audio.
Highlights from Fins and Things South Loop Trail at 400% 05:32

This one has the audio that was being played on my stereo at the time of the video recording.
Highlights from Fins and Things South Loop Trail at normal speed 11:01

Moab 2019

I had a dash cam recording on all trails except for about 40 minutes on the Hurrah Pass trail (my mistake). This means I have a lot of video footage to go through. Chances are I won't get to a lot of it because, as I stated, I'm not a video prodution guy.

The first day there I left the campground and drove to the Gemini Bridges trail. The video linked here is my trip starting from the campground, north through Moab, up to the entrance of Arches National Park. I sped up to make it a little bit interesting.
A drive through Moab

I drove the Gemini Bridges Trail alone. It was the first trail I drove in Moab and was really taken by the scenery.
Gemini Bridges trail

Between Shafer Trail and Long Canyon I saw sand dunes on the north side of the gravel road I was on. I just had to play around a little bit!
In the sand near Long Canyon